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    El Nino On Your Mind

    Rain, Rain, RainEl Nino is here and hopefully you spent some time earlier this fall getting your home ready for the season of storms, but if you were enjoying the warm weather of the fall and maybe didn’t get around to double checking your home, don’t worry, there are still a few things you can do to make sure your home weathers the weather!


    Drains & Gutters

    Ideally you had a chance to clean out your gutters and seal up any holes that might have occurred over the summer. But if you didn’t get to it during the fall, there is still some time. In fact, Don Vandervort, founder of, an online home improvement information and instruction site, clears the debris from his gutters and downspouts before a potentially rainy season — and then does it again after the first rain! This is especially important if your gutters and drains are under numerous trees. The prevailing winds will surely give you extra clean up in the gutters, even if you cleared them in October.


    Roof & Chimneys

    Again with the wind! You will want to make sure your roof is free of collecting debris from trees and surrounding bushes. If you aren’t sure how to check for leaks in your chimney or roof you can contact anyone from the Spadafore Team for a list of vendors, homes are what we do.



    One of the most beautiful aspects of living is South Orange County is our gently rolling hills. We love driving over a road and having one of our amazing views of the white covered mountains in the east or the breathtaking site of the Pacific in the west, but this can come at a cost. Shifting slopes can be a possible sign of mudslides in your own backyard. You want to inspect for gullying (when water cuts away at the land, usually over a long downpour,) surface cracks and slumping. Take a close look at patios and retaining walls for any movement or cracks that might indicate slope movement.



    Those trees and leaves! Double check for debris again and again. This debris can cause water to pool and not drain properly causing possible flooding. Inspect your entire yard for dead trees and also for dead limbs. This can be a simple fix or a huge problem if a branch takes out a section of fence or worse, a section of your home. It is also a good idea to take a look at common areas with trees as well. One of our agents had an entire tree come down on their backyard in a rain/wind storm.


    Prepare for a Power Outage

    Don’t panic! Even if power lines go down and you lose electricity you can be ready. First, make sure you have flashlights that work. Check the batteries now, before you are in the dark. We should all have an Emergency Preparedness Kit with plenty of water, food for a few days (for your entire family, including Fido) a first aid kit, and you can always use some duct tape. Disconnect electronics and leave just one light switch on so you know when the lights go back on. A deck of playing cards or other easy game to keep you occupied while your devices are saving their charge, just in case you need to make calls for assistance or to find out information is also a good idea.


    It’s Flooding, Now What!!!

    Stay away from the water! We watch every year as someone gets swept away from water that looks like it is barely moving. It only takes a few inches of rushing water to wash even a full-grown man off his feet. Get to higher ground and call for help. Now is a great time to remind children about the dangers of flood waters, nothing looks as inviting as a large puddle to most kiddos but wait until the rain subsides, and water stops moving before you start splashing. Don’t drive into a flooded area. Water can rise very quickly and your car can be swept away in only 2 feet of water. Try and be proactive and pay attention to weather reports. With apps like The Weather Channel you can see alerts of upcoming rain within 15 minutes from wherever you are standing. Just turn on your updates in the settings of your phone for the app, but remember, it may use up some of your data, not much, but some!


    You might be a little behind in getting ready, but as you can see, there is still a lot you can do to prepare yourself and your family.


    We at the Spadafore Team want to remind you to give us a call, text or email with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is here to help.


    Warm Regards,

    The Spadafore Team

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    Dede Ewert 714.742.1449

    Lisa Hodges 949.533.8204

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