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Top Things To Do And Not Do When Selling a House

Top Things To Do and Not Do

To Sell Your House


The idea of selling our homes can be daunting, we want to get the best possible price without doing too much but there are a few things that might be more important than others.




First, (and we aren’t saying this because we are)



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Call The Spadafore Team






The list can be long and there is no one who knows what is selling better today in your area than your agent.

  1. We always have a list of reputable vendors for every home task you can think of.
  2. Did you know every real estate agent HAS to inspect a property before a sale goes through? We aren’t inspectors but we are objective, and intelligent, experienced eyes can make a huge difference.
  3. Can’t decide between painting, new carpeting or refinishing kitchen cabinets? We know what works in an area, and what doesn’t.






Make a Good First &

entry way simple
Simple and Inviting

SECOND Impression








Curb appeal is the term used to describe how we feel when we first pull up to a property. This is your first impression, and you only have one chance to make a good one. The Second impression is the one that can get overlooked. This is the moment you walk into a home, you already have a thought on the home, now it will either seal the deal or leaving them wishing for more, so….

  1. Curb Appeal –De-clutter the front yard.
    1. Inexpensive outdoor metal paint can be purchased for only a few dollars from Michael’s or a hardware store and used to update a porch fixture or two.
    2. Plant a few annuals and pull out one or two bunched up shrubs, you want a clean, open space.
    3. Fresh coat of paint, this one can be expensive so talk to your Realtor before you decide on this one, again, the experience of your agent can go a long way.
  2. Second Impression
    1. Clean and clutter free is the name of the game!
    2. Open, light and bright is more inviting than a beautiful coat rack.
    3. Simple! We want potential buyers to see THEMSELVES living in the home, not them moving into yours.




Know What To Do and

What Not To Do

Don’t Be Too Big, or Too Little





  1. Simple Steps

Nothing looks better than a beautifully redone kitchen and bathroom but both of these are time consuming and can be very costly. Many small changes can go a long way in updating your home, making it appealing to buyers. Fresh paint in the latest color scheme and new hardware on your kitchen cabinets are both simple steps and neither will break the bank and both give your home a fresh look.


  1. Be realistic in pricing out your home

Realtors know a home that sits on the market longer than the norm for an area will get buyers wondering ‘what’s wrong with this property?’ or “can I low ball the price because the seller is desperate?’ If you live in an area with a lot of 4 bedroom 3 bath homes and yours is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home you need to understand a fresh coat of paint will not give you the extra rooms buyers in your area are looking for.


We at the Spadafore Team strive to not only give you a realistic analysis of your home value but also how to get the most money for your home. Our experience, tenacity and ability to negotiate puts you a step ahead of other sellers. Call us or visit our newly updated website at


Warm Regards,

The Spadafore Team

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